For The Ladies Interested In Having Twins Kindly Follow This Steps

By | September 23, 2021

For the ladies interested in having twins.

Kindly follow this short write up to get tips.

Are you planning to get pregnant?

Do you wish if it were twins?

Well first you should know how twins come about.

The numerous misconceptions surrounding on how twins are conceived

The key to having twins is if you are able to release more than one egg per cycle. Most women release a single egg per cycle. Although twins can be conceived from a single egg ( identical twins), it’s not common. The most type of twins conceived are nonidentical twins also known as the fraternal twins. These twins are conceived from the mother releasing multiple eggs.

The following are factors that can boost your chances of having twins:

If you belong to a family where twins are born more often, then there is a high chance that

you might conceive twins.

This is specifically true because you may have inherited the gene that makes it possible for you to release more than one egg at a time
Also if you are a twin yourself, then you are more likely to give birth to twin babies.

    This is the process of using medical assistance to conceive.

Fertility medications are prescribed before the procedure to increase the chances of getting pregnant.

More than one embryo (fertilized egg + sperm) will be planted onto the womb during IVF and it increases the chance of getting pregnant.

While other factors do not guarantee that you might conceive twins if you opt for invitro fertilization, your chances of getting pregnant with twins are very high.

    Your chances of having twins advances
    with age.

Women between ages 35-40 who already have given birth to twins have even higher chance of conceiving twins

This is because they’ve more chance of releasing more than one egg during ovulation than younger women.

  1. RACE
    Studies have shown that difference in race can impact your chances of having twins.

African women have the highest rate of twin pregnancies while Asian women have the lowest.

    Twin pregnancies is more common in women who are relatively bigger . A recent study proved that women with BMI of 30 and above have more chances of getting pregnant with twins
    • Folic Acid is important for any healthy pregnancy

Consumption of folic acid increases your chance of conceiving twins by 40% This supplement should be taken a couple of months before you try to conceive

Doctors also recommend taking folic acid before and during pregnancy to reduce the risk of neural tube defects on the baby.

  1. DIET
    Including milk and other dairy products to your diets could increase your chances of having twins as compared to a vegan diet. Yam- the chemicals found in yam(phytoestrogen and progesterone) are found to be responsible for hyperovulation.

Cassava- Researchers have also shown that cassava contains chemicals that can make a woman to release more than one egg during ovulation.

    Your chances of having twins increase with each pregnancy and if you’ve given birth to twins before, you’re more likely to do so again.
    Pregnant women who were breastfeeding have 9 times more chance of delivering twin babies compared to other women Though some women do not resume regular ovulation and menstrual cycle for the entire time they are breastfeeding, this is very individual
  3. LUCK
    You may just be lucky.

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