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A.I.M Mutual Insurance Review


In the past years, we’ve all been educated on why we should insure our properties. We’re being told that insurance keeps our lives on track in every class. It helps us recover from a disaster when something terrible happens.

Sincerely, the essence of insuring our properties is can’t just be underestimated.

Meanwhile, there is always one thing that bothers us often regarding the subject matter. And that’s all about which insurance company offers the best plan for people?

Well, we also ask a similar question. So, you’re not the only person in that thought lane.

To provide an honest answer to such a question, we decided to scour the internet for useful tips. During the research process, we discovered some insurance companies get people talking. These companies include :

  1. Ambetter
  2. GoCar Insurance
  3. AIM Mutual Insurance

In the discussions, there were concerns about the legality of Is GoCar Insurance, ownership status of Ambetter and AIM Mutual Insurance service quality.

If you’re also wondering if GoCar Insurance is legal, read the information about it here(link to Is GoCar Insurance legit).

Perhaps, you’re worried about if Ambetter is government insurance; spare a few minutes to read the post here (link to Ambetter government insurance ).

However, keep reading this post to understand much about A.I.M. Mutual Insurance.

So, let’s ask ourselves this question – what’s AIM Mutual Insurance?

A.I.M. Mutual is an insurance company that came into existence in 1988.

The company focuses more on providing workers’ compensation and employers’ liability insurance coverage. AIM Mutual is officially sponsored by the Associated Industries of Massachusetts.

It collaborates with employers and brokers committed to developing and managing every aspect of their workers’ compensation programs.

Why are people choosing A.I.M. Mutual Insurance?

There are multiple reasons people prefer A.I.M. Mutual Insurance. The notable ones include:

  1. Experienced Workforce: A.I.M. mutual insurance is reputed for nurturing highly experienced staff in their area of expertise. A.I.M.’s team is well known for implementing its service-oriented work ethic daily. They put workers’ compensation insurance knowledge into practice and ensure optimal service delivery.
  2. Community involvement: This is one thing that sets A.I.M. insurance apart. The company banks on every opportunity to engage in community service. The company offers diverse support to local, regional and national organizations. By so doing, they improve people’s welfare and ultimately create a good impression about the brand.
  3. High rating: As you know, people tend to patronize a highly rated company. And that’s another thing that’s working for A.M insurance. A.I.M. Mutual and its subsidiary companies are rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company.

The analysis is getting interesting, right?

Now, let’s put this across to you. Those points above are based on official information about the company. To get a whole perspective of the company, there’s also an excellent need to understand what people are saying regarding A.I.M. Mutual.

From the clients perspective, A.I.M. Mutual is best rated for :

  1. Responsive support system
  2. Competitive pricing
  3. Financial Insolvency

Obviously, A.I.M. insurance is credible for providing a timely and accurate response to clients queries and complaints.

Its 24/7 multilingual helplines are quite impressive. Many people have claimed that they get an instant response whenever they consult the company for one help or the other.

A.I.M. Mutual constantly work to ensure people get good value for their money.

As a result, the company pricing structure is one of the competitive prices anyone can get in the insurance world.

Operating since 1988 is a provision that the company has an excellent financial standing.

It has been well appraised for maintaining sound financial stability and the potential to pay future claims.

So, when you insure with them, you’re confident of securing your future.

Just one thing before you go.

A.I.M. Mutual documentation can be rigorous. Therefore, you will have to exercise some form of patience to get through with the company’s insurance processes.

So, as far as the company review is concerned, we can say the company is reputable.

However, to maintain a good relationship with them, you will need to tolerate the flaws associated with their documentation.

Would you love to get started with A.I.M. Mutual Insurance?

How To File OUTsurance Insurance Claims


As a follow-up to our previous post, we examined Outsurance’s services, including the types of coverage it provides as well as its prices. 

The purpose of today’s article is to examine Outsurance’s claims process in detail, as it pertains to its customers.

In the unfortunate event that you ever need to make an Insurance Claim, you can rest assured that OUTsurance is here for you.

In this post, we’ll show you step by step how we process claims to ensure you get everything covered and back where it belongs – IN your home or car.

OUTsurance Claims Department is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week to assist you with any queries regarding your claim.

Ways To File A Claim at OUTsurance

You can file a claim at OUTsuarance insurance in three different ways, which include the following:

  •  Client portal
  • The App
  • Speak to a human

How To File OUTsurance Insurance Claims

Go to www.outsurance.co.za to access the OUTsurance website

After you visit the site, select Submit Claim – close to the Log In button in the upper right-hand corner.

Once you select the claim, you will be provided with a form where you can enter details such as your Email address, password, RSA ID number or policy number and submit it afterward.

Alternatively, you can also call the number provided on the website to make a claim. ( 08600 70 000 )

It is possible to track the progress of your claim once you have called and filed it using the OUTsurance app and client portal as soon as it has been submitted.

How long does OUTsurance take to process a claim?

It can take the Salvaging Department up to three months to collect the items.

They will notify you when they are ready to collect the items.

How do I submit a claim when I’m overseas?

In order to file your claim, you may contact them at +27 12 673 3000 or give them the name of a contact person in South Africa who can deal with it on your behalf.

OUTsurance Insurance 2022: Review, List of Products, Quote, Make A Claim & Contact Details


If you’re reading this, chances are you are looking for a new insurance company, or have recently bought an insurance package from OUTsurance insurance.

Whatever the case may be, it’s important to remember that every insurance company offers different products.

There are a lot of things to consider when buying an insurance plan, which can be sometimes confusing.

To make things easier for you, we’ve created a comprehensive guide that answers your most pressing questions and helps make sense of what it takes to choose the right policy.

List of Products

With its wide range of products and services, OUTsurance offers insurance cover to individuals, businesses, organizations, and government departments.

This insurance company provides not only general insurance solutions but also exclusively offers life assurance and retirement planning solutions.

Below is a list of some of their products

  • Cars, home, and contents insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Business insurance

Cars, home, and contents insurance

In the category of car, home, and contents insurance, OUTsurance Insurance offers the following plans:

  • Insurance for cars and other vehicles

This package permits you to purchase cover for your car, motorbike, caravan, or trailer, as well as getting a range of great benefits, such as a fixed excess, affordable premiums, and our infamous cash-out bonus.

Additionally, you have access to 24/7 roadside assistance.

  • Home contents insurance

Creating a home takes a lot of time and effort. 

If you have a lot of valuables in your home, then you will want to make sure that they are all safe from damage, loss or theft. 

Using this package from OUTsurance, you will be able to find a cover that works with both your budget and your needs, and you will also get the chance to take part in their innovation bonus benefits.

  • Buildings insurance

The structure and fixed fittings of your home deserve to be protected, so it is important that you get the cover you need.

As a part of this package, OUTsurance will also make sure that you’ll always be taken care of in case something should go wrong as their team is available at your disposal 24/7.

  • Portable possessions insurance (OUT-and-about)

In the event that you leave the house with valuable items, you’ll certainly want to make sure you take your insurance with you. 

The jewelry and electronics are all covered against loss and damage, so you don’t have to worry about them either when you choose this package.

  • Personal accident insurance

The purpose of personal accident insurance is to cover death or specific types of injuries as a result of accidents. 

OUTsurance insurance offers a complete package of life insurance products that are suitable for any individual between the ages of fourteen and seventy-five. 

This package includes accidental death, temporary total disability, and permanent disability coverage.

There are no excesses and your coverage is worldwide.

Life insurance

OUTsurance Insurance
OUTsurance Insurance

There are several types of life insurance plans that are offered by OUTsurance Insurance under this category of coverage:

The purpose of this product is to provide long-term care for your loved ones in the event something unfortunate were to happen to you.

With OUTsurance you are able to choose a policy that suits your needs as well as a premium that is tailored to your situation.

With them, you can easily obtain a comprehensive solution, including:

  1. Death Cover
  2. Disability Cover
  3. Critical Illness Cover
  • Funeral plan

OUTsurance understands that funerals are a chance to honor and celebrate a life well-lived, and for this reason, they have designed a range of funeral plans that will give you the flexibility to choose what’s important to you and your family, at a price you can afford.

  • On-demand death and injury cover (OUTthere)

As part of the package, you can benefit from death and injury protection up to R1 million, instantly.

 Having this kind of insurance gives you extra peace of mind knowing that you are covered for a particular moment in time, such as a trip overseas or an adrenaline-filled adventure.

Business insurance

OUTsurance Insurance offers several types of business insurance plans to choose from under this category of coverage:

No matter how big or small your business is, you can be assured of being protected with an exclusive business insurance solution backed by world-class service.

  • Business motor insurance

Does your business depend on a vehicle to operate? Could it function without a vehicle? Then you need the right kind of insurance to protect your most valuable assets.

  1. Commercial vehicles
  2. Motorcycles
  3. Buses
  4. Trailers
  5. Caravans
  6. Private vehicles
  • General business insurance

If you are looking for an insurance policy that will cover your entire business operation, both in and outside of your premises, OUTsurance covers everything from the premises up to the stock, equipment, and people who work inside.

  • Business liability insurance

If you have a business that interacts with people, you should be sure you have liability insurance that covers you in the event that something goes wrong with them – regardless of whether this happens on your premises or wherever your business operates.

  • Fleet insurance

OUTsurance insurance have packages designed to cover businesses that operate a fleet of vehicles, such as a delivery service or large trucking operation.

  • Agricultural insurance

It is imperative that you are able to properly protect the assets that keep your farm operation going by securing the necessary cover from OUTsurance.

  • Engineering insurance

It is crucial that you make sure that your construction projects, as well as the specialized equipment and machinery that you use on a daily basis, are covered during their construction period.

  • Hospitality insurance

Outsurance insurance helps you keep serving your guests by covering the needs of your restaurant or accommodation business.

  • Motor traders insurance

Outsurance helps you get a cover that is suitable not only for the vehicles you own but also for the vehicles that are under your care when your customers’ vehicles are maintained by you.

Make A Claim

Outsurance believes it is important for customers to know they can rely on them when things go wrong. 

Therefore, they devote themselves to making the claims process as simple as possible.

 Get in touch with one of their claim advisors by calling 08600 70 000.

If you prefer, you can visit their website – OUTsurance.

Get Quotes Online

Many South Africans are not aware that you can get quotes and purchase insurance directly from OUTsurance.

If you have a smartphone, tablet or laptop, you can get a quote within minutes and start saving money on your car insurance, home insurance, life cover, and even your retirement annuity.

Visit https://www.outsurance.co.za/ and get your quote online now.

History and culture at OUTsurance

Outsurance was established in February 1998 by Willem Roos, Howard Aron, and René Otto with the aim of providing direct insurance to South Africans with the statement that ‘you always get something out of it.

Outsurance is one of the companies in the Rand Merchant Investment Holdings (RMI) Group and is a financial services company that has been approved by the Financial Services Commission of South Africa.

In August of 2008, they entered the life insurance market by offering car insurance customers credit life insurance coverage on financed vehicles.

Later in 2010, they expanded into the life insurance market, offering comprehensive coverage for death, disability, and critical illness.

Contact/ Phone

To speak with an agent, call 08600 70 000.

Mark Cuban Online Drug Pharmacy Website


A recent article that we wrote addressed the launch, cost of drugs online, and other aspects of Mark Cuban’s online pharmacy, but since people regularly search for the website, we at wakumudenwura.com decided to provide you with details and all the information you need.

Over the last few years, the internet has been a great source of information, goods, and services for millions of people around the world.

An online pharmacy company is now leveraging the link between those online connections to spread affordable medicine to us all through their online pharmacy.

The company, called The Mark Cuban Cost Plus, was founded by American billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban and offers a world-class service that is the first-of-its-kind in the world.

What is The Official Online Address for Mark Cuban Online Drug Pharmacy Website?

The official website for Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug is costplusdrugs.com.

Can I Create an Account On The Mark Cuban Online Drug Pharmacy Website?

Yes…The website allows you to sign up, talk to a doctor about your prescription, and then place a purchase order. 

You will receive an email as soon as your order has been placed.

[ Create Account ]

Sign In

Once you have signed up and received your account information, you must proceed to sign in, here is the link.

How Cost Plus Drugs works

In order to order all medications listed on the site, you must request a new prescription from your U.S.-based healthcare provider.

Can You Use Insurance? 

As of right now, Mark Cuban online pharmacy doesn’t accept insurance.

The prices are generally lower even without insurance than what you would pay at a typical pharmacy using your insurance.


  • Phone Number

+1 (833) 926-3384

  • Fax Number

+1 (650) 683-9775

Who Is Mark Cuban?

Mark Cuban Online Drug Pharmacy Website

Mark Cuban has made a name for himself as one of the most well-known entrepreneurs in America.

He also happens to be one of the more brash personalities in the world of business, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a shrewd businessman. In fact, he is.

Cuban is a savvy investor who made his fortune by recognizing good opportunities in technology and capitalizing on them.

The billionaire has made his fortune from his business acumen and it looks like he’s now turning his focus to the online drug industry.

Mark Cuban Online Pharmacy: Find out everything you need to know


One of America’s richest entrepreneurs, Mark Cuban, has launched an online pharmacy providing medications at a fraction of the cost charged by health insurance companies.

Almost immediately after the launch of Mark Cuban’s online pharmacy, it has been gaining significant attention online.

People are curious about this new venture, which will directly compete with big and popular names like Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart pharmacy since they offer the same product at much lower prices.

In a survey conducted by Gallup in September 2021, 18 million Americans reported being unable to afford at least one prescription medication for their household due to ever-rising costs, and 1 in 10 Americans skipped doses to cut costs.

As the first step in providing affordable medications to millions, the pharmacy’s launch marks a significant milestone.

The Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company

The online pharmacy is known by the name of Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company. 

The pharmacy is one of the first-of-its-kind to offer lower prices on over a hundred medications, including those commonly prescribed to treat high cholesterol and hypertension.

Why Cuban Established The Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company

As a means of reducing costs, Cuban set up his own pharmaceutical wholesaler and negotiated rebates and discounts directly with drug manufacturers and pharmacies.

The company sells the drugs with a 15% markup plus a $3 pharmacist fee. 

$5 is charged for shipping.

Cost of Some of The Drugs

Mesalamine, which is used to treat ulcerative colitis, is one of the discounted drugs.

 Normally, it costs $940 per month, but with a voucher, it drops to $102 per month. 

This product will be sold by Cuban Cost Plus for $32.40 per month.

On Cuban Cost Plus, Atorvastatin will cost $3.60 instead of $55.08, according to the company’s website.

Some of the medications that demonstrate the pharmacy’s impressive savings include:

  • Imatinib – leukemia treatment
    • Retail price: $9,657 per month
    • Lowest price with common voucher: $120 per month
    • MCCPDC price: $47 per month
  • Mesalamine – ulcerative colitis treatment
    • Retail price: $940 per month
    • Lowest price with common voucher: $102 per month
    • MCCPDC price: $32.40 per month
  • Colchicine – gout treatment
    • Retail price: $182 per month
    • Lowest price with common voucher: $32 per month
    • MCCPDC price: $8.70 per month

For easier reference here is a link to the full list of current medicines offered – Mark Cuban Online Pharmacy

  • Manufacturing

The majority of generic drugs are produced at a very low cost.

As an example, Imatinib costs $38.40 for a 30 count supply.

Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drugs strives to keep prices as close to the manufacturers as possible.

In order to do that, they cut out the middlemen.

What are the benefits of Mark Cuban Online Pharmacy to the health insurance industry?

The Mark Cuban Online Pharmacy will be very helpful to people since they provide many kinds of medicines that are very affordable and useful in dealing with different types of illnesses whether they are common colds or life-threatening ones like cancer.

For example, if you want to buy medications online, you can take advantage of a mark Cuban online pharmacy that has an online search feature where you just need to type the kind of medicine that you are looking for and then it will provide you a list of the most popular medications for your needs.

They also have a list of doctors which is very helpful information if you want to consult them before buying your medication online.

And lastly, if you want to avail their services, all you need is just one click away from all your worries and concerns because mark cuban online pharmacy provides fast delivery service for every order.

The customer service team of Mark Cuban online pharmacy is available 24/7 and they always try to keep the customers informed about their orders and provide the best possible customer support.

In addition, they also provide you with a complete privacy policy so that your personal information remains confidential at all times.

Can You Use Insurance? 

There is no insurance accepted by the Mark Cuban online pharmacy right now.

Even without insurance, the prices are usually lower than you would pay at a typical pharmacy.

About Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company

Mark Cuban Online Pharmacy: Discover everything you need to know about the Online Phamarcy, Cost of Drugs, Buy Drugs Online,Invest in Cost Plus drugs, Location, Contact, Telephone - 2022
Mark Cuban Online Pharmacy

It is the mission of Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus Drug Company to bring a fundamental change in the pharmaceutical industry by introducing a new model.

In being a public-benefit corporation, the company’s social mission is just as important as its bottom line, which is to improve the health of the public.

All drugs that the company sells carry a standard markup.

By establishing its company as a vertically integrated pharmacy benefits manager launching its first inventory of affordable generic drugs in January 2022 and building a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical factory scheduled to be completed by the end of 2022, the company is well on its way to making medication accessible and affordable to all.


Media Contact: Bishop Wash | (972) 854-1586 | [email protected]

Review of World Nomads Travel Insurance


As an adventurer, your brain will trick you into believing you’re safe in any environment. But that’s not always true.

There are some instances where unexpected injury or illness will occur naturally.

But, come to think of it, what will happen to you if you’re not able to afford the medical bills necessary for your ailment.

Health deterioration, right?

But that’s dangerous for you.

No matter what happens to you, there should be a way to care for your health care bills.

Do you enjoy engaging yourself in one of the following activities?

  • climbing the world’s highest mountains
  • exploring mountains deepest caves
  • volunteering to visit a disaster-stricken area
  • engaging in another exploratory experience.

Then, you need to be a member of World Nomads.

Perhaps you’re hearing this name for the first time, please note that World Nomads is a team that comprises citizens, customer advocates as well as creative storytellers.

The organization exists for a clear purpose – to ensure you travel confidently.

Specifically, World Nomads focuses on offering simple and flexible travel insurance and safety advice to tourism enthusiasts.

For over 20 years, this company has been connecting and inspiring independent travelers like you to explore their curiosity and gain a broad understanding of the world.

If you’re aspiring to become a better travel storyteller, joining World Nomads can be your best shot.

Here is why:

  1. You will enjoy emergency help

World Nomads Travel Insurance ensures you get help whenever you need it.

In addition, it helps eliminate the geographical barriers of accessing financial aid in times of crisis.

So, you can always benefit from the organization’s fund relief program wherever you are in the world.

  1. Broad Medical coverage

The Simon Monk founded company offers up to $100,000 in coverage. In addition, it ensures members get coverage for their medical expenses and any cost related to their medical evacuation and repatriation.

  1. Non-medical assistance

World Nomads also provide transport cost coverage for travel enthusiasts who tours countries with civil or political unrest. Such assistance also becomes relevant when a traveler experiences natural disasters or expulsion from a country.

In a broader sense, World Nomads covers got you covered in this aspect :

Medical Costs—Hospital visitations, emergencies, evacuations.

Property Loss—Your Luggage and other forms of contents

Travel Issues—Accommodation and logistics expenses

So, what are the different plans offered by World Nomads?

There are several plans available for anyone who intends to join the company insurance plan. These plans include:

  • World Nomads Standard Plan
  • World Nomads Explorer Plan

 World Nomads Standard Plan

This plan offers the user everything he or she can expect from an insurance plan. In addition, it provides various kinds of protection for users. For example, you can get medical insurance, protection for lost items, and more from this plan.

This plan is more suitable for those involved in the following adventure lists. They are :

  1. black water rafting
  2. dog sledding
  3. camel riding
  4. zip lining
  5. bungee jumping
  6. moped biking
  7. tree climbing and lots more

World Nomads Explorer Plan

This nature of the plan entails all offerings in the standard plan. However, it’s more suitable for those involved in freediving, ice climbing, spelunking, skydiving, ultra-outdoor endurance activities, and lots more. In addition, it offers higher coverage limits for users. So, you can be sure of being cared for regardless of what happens to you.

How can you make an Insurance Claim?

The way to make World Nomads insurance claims is simple. You can always chat their support representative up to file a claim.

Also, you can log in to your profile on their web portal and file a claim.

Perhaps you misplace your items; you will need to write up a formal sworn report about the incident and forward it to them.

Yay! that’s all you need to know about World Nomads for now.

Will you love to subscribe to any of their plans? Click here.

Here is the world nomads phone number, listed by country:

Australian and New Zealand Residents:

  • Phone: +61 2 8263 0470; or
  • Phone: +61 2 8292 1470 (reverse charges* via an operator from anywhere in the world)

Brazilian Residents

  • Phone:+45 70 23 24 61 (calls are not toll-free. You can claim your itemized call costs)
  • Text message: +45 42 41 30 00 (include your policy number in the text message. no phone calls.)

Canadian Residents

  • Phone: +1 866 878 0192 (toll-free from Canada and the Continental U.S.); or
  • Phone: +1 416 646 3723 (collect from anywhere else in the world)

The UK and Irish Residents

  • Phone: +44 20 7183 3751 (Call via an operator reverse charges*. Not toll-free.)
  • Phone: 020 7183 3751 (from the UK)

U.S Residents

  • Telephone: +1-855-878-9588 (toll-free within the US and Canada)
  • Telephone: +1-603-328-1329 (toll-free outside the US and Canada)
  • Telephone: +1-603-328-1384 (Collect*)

Residents of all other countries

  • Phone:+45 70 23 24 61 (calls are not toll-free. You can claim your itemized call costs)
  • Text message: +45 42 41 30 00 (include your policy number in the text message. No phone calls.)