5 Ways To Get Affordable Health Insurance in Canada In 2022

By | June 11, 2022

Have you thought of the need to acquire an affordable health insurance in Canada?

If you have recently experienced a change in job status, negotiated a major life event such as marriage or the birth of a child, or reached an age where you are no longer eligible to use your family’s health insurance coverage, health insurance is definitely at the forefront of your thoughts. 

However, what is your level of comprehension regarding health insurance and how it operates, do you know how you can acquire an affordable health insurance in Canada? 

The following is a comprehensive guide to health insurance, including information on how to locate the plan that meets your needs at the lowest possible cost to you.

What Does It Mean to Have Health Insurance?

A health insurance policy is a type of financial protection that reimburses its policyholders for a range of medical costs, including those incurred as a result of preventative health screenings, diseases and injuries, medical treatments, prescription drugs, and more.

You can frequently sign up for a plan via your job; however, there are also individual health insurance policies that are available, which you can choose on your own and be responsible for paying for yourself.

The health care system can be complicated and expensive, but having health insurance coverage can help you avoid unanticipated financial obligations for medical care in the event of a sudden illness or accident.

In addition to giving you peace of mind, it can reduce the amount you spend on prescription drugs, major procedures, and even routine visits to the doctor.

How much does it cost to have health insurance?

The price of health insurance might range widely from person to person.

Deductibles, copayments, coinsurance, your out-of-pocket maximums, monthly premiums, and any other choices you make about the plan and coverage options can all have an impact on the total cost.

The annual premium for international medical insurance in Canada for a non-Canadian resident is $3,162 per person. This is an estimate determined by looking at past sales data over the previous 18 months.

The price of health insurance in Canada will range widely depending on a number of different criteria. Your age has the greatest impact on the cost of the coverage, followed by the benefits that are provided, the structure of the plan, and the deductible that you select.

Employer-sponsored health insurance

If your employer offers you the opportunity to get health insurance, you really ought to take advantage of it.

Full-time workers at large organizations are required to be covered by their employers’ group health care plan.

Because a portion of the expenses associated with the group plan are covered by your employer, the premium that you pay is significantly reduced.

You may even have the amount of the monthly premiums paid directly from your salary, and in many cases, you may be able to include your spouse or dependents in your plan at an additional expense.

Because the vast majority of people require health insurance, this is the least expensive way to obtain coverage.

If you obtain insurance coverage in this manner, the cost will be significantly lower than if you were to buy a plan on your own.

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This is one of the best ways to acquire an affordable health insurance in Canada.

If you have a low income and are able to complete the other standards, you could become eligible for Medicaid.

This public health insurance program provides medical treatment at fees that are either very cheap or, in some cases, are fully waived. 

Each state is accountable for the management of its own Medicaid program as well as the establishment of eligibility conditions, which may include limit earnings for households.

You are more than welcome to browse through our guide to Medicaid, which is organized state by state.

Short-term health insurance

You should strongly consider purchasing a short-term health insurance plan if you have an urgent requirement for insurance coverage.

Due to the fact that they cover fewer medical treatments, short-term plans typically come at a lower cost than regular insurance.

They are considered one of the most effective way to get an affordable health insurance in Canada.

Individuals and families who do not yet qualify for enrollment in a standard health plan may use short-term plans as a stopgap measure to cover their medical expenses in the interim.

People who require health insurance outside of the Open Enrollment period, such as while they are between jobs or while they are awaiting the start of their Medicare coverage, are the ones who often look into purchasing one of these plans.

If you are still unsuccessful in finding an affordable plan through the marketplace, you may want to look into short term health insurance.

This type of coverage can last for up to a year and typically has lower monthly premiums as well as deductibles.

However, this cost comes with a loss of benefits because short-term plans are not considered to be ACA plans.

ACA plans are regulated by Obamacare, which is a part of the Affordable Care Act.

People who have pre-existing diseases are not protected by short-term plans, and they do not offer the same essential health benefits that are mandated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans.

Choose a metal tier

Bronze, silver, gold, and platinum are the four levels of coverage that the Affordable Care Act has designated as being available to those purchasing health insurance under Obamacare.

The fundamental health benefits are covered by each and every plan across all tiers; what vary is the cost-sharing arrangement between you and the insurance carrier.

The lowest tier plans offer cheaper monthly rates, but the deductibles are much higher.

The monthly premiums for higher-tier plans are often greater, but the deductibles are typically lower.

If you spend five percent of your income on health insurance premiums, you will fall squarely within the range for a Silver health plan, which is a middle-tier plan that may be appropriate for the majority of people.

This is true in the majority of states.

When you have a Silver plan, the insurer will cover approximately 70 percent of your total medical expenses.

The reason that Silver plans are designed to have a deductible that is on the higher end of the spectrum (but not as high as Bronze plans’ deductibles) is that this is the factor that results in cheaper monthly premiums.

You should make sure that you have enough money set up in savings to cover the deductible, which you might be required to pay all at once in the event that, for instance, you wind up in the emergency room.

Consider upgrading to a Gold or Platinum health plan if you have a condition that causes you to rack up a lot of medical expenses on a regular basis.

These plans come with a higher monthly premium, but they cover a greater portion of the expenses incurred when you really require medical attention. (We are able to accomplish this by lowering your deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance rates.)

It is possible that a Platinum plan, which is the highest level, will not cost noticeably more than a Silver plan, but this will depend on the options available in your state’s marketplace. For this reason, it is essential to carry out some comparisons.

Choose an insurance company

After determining the metal level and price point that you want for your plan, the next step is to choose an insurance provider from among the many available options. 

This is the point at which many customers may feel overwhelmed, particularly in places where coverage may be purchased from a variety of different carriers.

At this point you would be required to select an affordable health insurance in Canada as these company play an important role in regulating the cost of insurance offered to you.

Carry out some investigation about the various insurance providers.

Reading through the Summary of Benefits and Coverage is a wonderful way to get started with the process.

There is a possibility that the marketplace in your state includes star ratings for the various insurance businesses.

You need to find out how the ratings are created and whether or not they are objectively assigned by an independent or government organization or whether or not they are merely an accumulation of customer evaluations.

It is important to keep in mind that star ratings are only indicative and not definitive.

It is possible that the health insurance plan that works well for one person will not be appropriate for another.


It is of the utmost necessity to acquire reasonably affordable health insurance in the Canadian market.

This would bring down the cost of obtaining health insurance for you while at the same time providing you with the most beneficial form of coverage that is available.

In this post, we have laid out in detail the various options available in Canada for obtaining insurance at an inexpensive price.

We sincerely hope that your time spent reading through this material was enjoyable.