What is the best company for travel insurance?

By | April 29, 2022

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that protects travelers by providing coverage against loss of personal belongings, medical expenses, natural disasters, and more.

It is important to have travel insurance because the cost of an emergency medical bill can be high.

The cost of a flight can also be high if you need to cancel your trip.

The most important thing that you should know regarding travel insurance if you plan on visiting another country is that there are various insurance providers that will assist with the protection of your investments.

How to Choose the Best Travel Insurance Provider for Your Needs

Travel insurance is a highly popular and essential requirement for any traveler.

It is a type of insurance that can be purchased before or during a trip to protect travelers from unforeseen incidents that may come up.

The best travel insurance providers are those who offer the widest coverage at an affordable price, have excellent customer service, and offer fair value for money.

We can compare travel insurance providers based on their price, coverage, and cost of cancellation as well as the cancellation policy.

In order to choose the best travel insurance provider, we will also need to find out what benefits they offer and how much they will charge us if we have an accident or illness during our trip.

Why Should You Buy Travel Insurance?

When traveling, the best way to guarantee some peace of mind is by getting travel insurance.

This insurance can protect you against some of the unforeseen events that may happen when traveling, such as personal injury or loss of luggage.

Best Company for Travel Insurance

Wapomudenwura.com has compiled a list of the Top 10 Best Travel Insurance Companies in the world.

A list of the Best Travel Insurance Companies was compiled using ratings and scores from various insurance websites, including Squaremouth, InsureMyTrip, and AM Best.

Below are the best companies to get travel insurance from:

  • Allianz Travel Insurance
  • Travelex Insurance Services
  • World Nomads Travel Insurance
  • AIG Travel
  • Seven Corners
  • Generali Global Assistance
  • IMG Travel Insurance
  • AXA Assistance USA
  • Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection
  • HTH Travel Insurance

Allianz Travel Insurance

Allianz Travel Insurance

Allianz Travel Insurance

There are ten travel insurance plans from Allianz Travel Insurance that are designed to suit all different kinds of travelers.

If you travel often and don’t want to buy new policies every time you go on a trip, you can also purchase annual travel insurance.

This is a good option if you travel often and don’t want to purchase new travel insurance every time.

There are several levels of coverage available when purchasing travel insurance from Allianz.

The OneTrip Prime plan is one of the most popular plans that the company offers, even though each plan is unique with regard to its inclusions and coverage limits.

OneTrip Prime offers travelers up to $25,000 of coverage for trip cancellation, trip interruption, and medical emergency expenses, as well as up to $1000 of coverage for baggage loss, theft, or damage and up to $500 of coverage for change fees.

Travelex Insurance Services

Travelex Insurance Services

Travelex Insurance Services

There are two main types of Travelex travel insurance, the Travel Select and the Travel Basic policies.

In addition to this, the company offers optional add-ons that allow you to customize your policy based on your individual needs.

For those looking for an affordable insurance policy, Travel Basic from the company is a great choice.

In the event of cancellation or interruption of travel, this plan covers 100% of the trip cost; trip delay coverage starts at $500.

Aside from that, the policy offers up to $100,000 in coverage for emergency medical evacuation and repatriation, $15,000 for emergency medical and dental coverage, and up to $500 in case of lost, damaged, or stolen baggage.

Additionally, you can access a primary insurance plan with no deductibles.

This plan is recommended for short and domestic vacations, according to the company.

World Nomads Travel Insurance

World Nomads Travel Insurance

World Nomads Travel Insurance

With World Nomads, you can customize your travel insurance policies to meet your needs and budget.

In addition to providing broad coverage, the company offers adventure sports coverage for its standard policy, so that customers can partake in sports like scuba diving, mountain biking, bungee jumps, and skiing as part of their trip.

World Nomads will typically offer you two options for travel insurance when you apply for a free quote – a Standard Plan or an Explorer Plan.

A Standard Plan will offer you less coverage at a lower cost, while an Explorer Plan will provide you with more comprehensive coverage for a higher price.

There are no differences between the two plans in terms of emergency medical coverage.

Both plans provide a total of $100,000, but the Explorer Plan has a $500,000 emergency evacuation policy, whereas the Standard Plan offers $300,000.

AIG Travel

World Nomads Travel Insurance

No matter the type of trip you’re taking, AIG has a plan that’ll cover what you need.

They have annual plans for trips taken within a year, last-minute travel insurance for quick trips and single-trip plans for any occasion.

All three levels of coverage – Essential, Preferred, and Deluxe – provide varying amounts of coverage based on the cost of the trip and the amount of reimbursement you desire.

Those who live in New York State can, however, pick from Silver, Gold or Platinum plans according to their needs if they are residents of the state.

Depending on the details of your trip, you may be covered for a higher or lower amount and the plan may have different limits.

Kids 17 and younger are generally covered by AIG travel insurance plans.

When you purchase a mid-tier Preferred plan, you may be eligible for trip cancellation coverage that covers as much as 100% of your trip costs (maximum of $150,000) as well as trip interruption coverage that covers up to 150% of your trip costs (maximum of $225,000).

Depending on your travel details, travel insurance coverage for medical expenses can be worth up to $50,000, while trip delay coverage of up to $800 can also be available.

Seven Corners


With the help of Seven Corners, residents of the United States and visitors to the United States can take advantage of travel and medical insurance benefits while in the U.S.

If you often travel, you can get travel medical coverage that covers up to $5 million, as well as buying student & group travel insurance or an annual package.

Seven Corners Insurance Company is known for its RoundTrip Trip Cancellation Insurance policy, which is very similar to a single travel insurance policy you would buy to cover a single vacation you have planned for the year.

This type of policy is only available to residents of the United States.

It comes in three types – economy, choice, and elite.

Generali Global Assistance

Generali Global Assistance

Generali Global Assistance

With Generali Global Assistance, you have the option of choosing from three different travel insurance plans, depending on your needs – a Standard plan, a Preferred plan, or a Premium plan.

According to the company’s plans, the Standard plan offers the least amount of coverage, while the Premium plan offers a higher level of coverage and limits, but at a higher upfront cost.

In the Preferred plan, you get the same coverage as in the Standard plan, with the exception that you also get protection for sporting equipment and sporting equipment delays.

Among the benefits of this enhanced plan are 100% trip cancellation, 175% trip interruption reimbursement, plus $2000 in baggage loss coverage for each person and $250,000 in medical and dental coverage.

IMG Travel Insurance

IMG Travel Insurance

IMG Travel Insurance

Insurance coverage offered by IMG Travel Insurance falls into three categories – travel medical insurance, international health insurance, and traditional travel insurance.

In addition to these plans, IMG also offers a GlobeHopper Senior plan specifically designed for travelers aged 65 years and older, as well as specialized plans for expats, students, business travelers, and government employees.

iTravelInsured Travel Lite, iTravelInsured Travel SE, and iTravelInsured Travel LX are IMG’s three main travel insurance plans for families and business travelers.

AXA Assistance USA

AXA Assistance USA

AXA Assistance USA

With AXA Assistance USA, customers can choose from three levels of travel insurance (Silver, Gold, Platinum) depending on how much coverage they need (or how little).

With the Gold Plan, AXA offers 100% trip cancellation coverage, 150% trip interruption coverage, $200 daily delay benefit ($1,000 maximum benefit), $1,000 for missed connections, $500,000 in the event of an emergency medical evacuation, and $100,000 for accident and sickness coverage.

Additional coverage of $300 for baggage delays and $1,500 for baggage and personal effects are included in the Gold Plan.

Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection

Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection

Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection

With Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection, you can get a free quote online, choose from a variety of travel insurance plans, and get a policy within minutes.

Apart from offering travel insurance specifically meant for flights and cruises, Berkshire Hathaway offers three types of insurance coverage for your vacation – ExactCare Value, ExactCare and ExactCare Extra.

It also provides plans for expeditions, road trips, cruises as well as special offers for adventure-seeking travelers.

HTH Travel Insurance

HTH Travel Insurance

HTH Travel Insurance

The HTH Travel Insurance policy provides consumers with access to a variety of options that can be tailored to fit a wide range of needs.

Whether you are traveling for a single trip or multiple trips, you can get medical-only trip coverage, standalone trip cancellation insurance, and more.

The HTH Travel Insurance Company does not only provide coverage for specific aspects of your trip, but also comprehensive coverage for your entire trip.

Plans are categorized into three categories: Economy, Classic, and Preferred.